So now with the cilinderhead taken apart, I came across an Ebay auction with a valve lifter cover for an XS650 engine. I haven’t decided to go for kick or electric start but a cover like this is rare, so I bought it.
This of course meant I had to source a rocker arm for a lifter.
I found one , but 80 bucks for a rocker is ridiculous, so I decided to fabricate my own.

Then I had to decide what color to make the cilinders, block/sump, cam covers and side covers.

I decided for an unconventional approach and so the head would be black, the cilinders silver, the block Black, the cam covers Titanium, and the side covers Titanium, the plate with the Yamaha lettering from the side cover Black.
Further decisions: Hydraulic clutch, other gear for lower rpm., PMA system, oil cooler like HHB, in Black, oil filter mod.(Heyden).
A lot of work, and as I am trying to keep costs down, I’m watching market sites for the best deal.
If you want things done in a hurry, it will cost ya!

Time to focus on the frame and all the parts that go with it!