So what needs to be done?
From the front to the rear:

New Headlight, Fork drop 5 cm., Blue powder coat the fork legs, new fender, stainless bolts,18 or 19 inch rim with new pokes and tyre, removing switch in the tree and placing a check light array, new handlebar, gps speedo, new conical bearings, new fork seals, Changing location of the tank mounts, lowering the fitting of the oil line, changing the exhaust, dry blast of the engine, painting and powder coating engine parts, ultrasonic cleaning the carb, replacing the link system, refurbishing rear shock, fabricating new rear subframe, fender and lighting.
New rear spokes, powder coating of hub an rim, new rear tyre.
New wiring loom and li-ion Battery.
That’ll keep me of the streets for a while! smiley