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019 Bending the seat frame

Motorcycles Posted on Fri, November 04, 2016 20:06:06

Bending is a discipline that’s not to be taken lightly.
2d bending is difficult enough but now with 3d I’ve taken it to a whole new level for myself.
Because i’m going for quality, al my tubing is chrome-moly.
For those of you who’ve ever worked with this material, know that is not the easiest material to bend.(understatement)
So by keeping the radius say 90mm with a 25mm tube it’s possible to bend 180 degrees.
I have been very lucky acquiring a mandrel pipe bender that enables me to bend 25mm tube on a less than 60mm radius.
Smaller bends mean more flexibility in your design.
I’ve made a few test bends, but I’ m very happy how my frame turned out first time!
After testfitting and tack welding it in, it was now time for the seat.

What Happened?

Motorcycles Posted on Fri, November 04, 2016 12:06:02

As I m a very busy teacher during the week, I don’t always have time to blog, add pics or check my site.
So I was quite surprised when I saw this:
These are my site view statistics.
Looks like I’ve been getting a lot of interest lately…………………..I’m really flattered!
Thank you all for taking a look and I hope it’s all to your liking.