Well it’s been a year now since my last post which has everything to do with my limited time and the purchase of cars ( my other hobby) and an enormous amount of work on my daytime job. I wanted to take it easy a little bit , but that’s not working out.
I love my current work however so it’s a question of making priorities and that hasn’t been working on motorcycles.
With the end of the year approaching , I have some spare time and so…….I’m back!
I picked up my rims spokes and wheels for the projects at JSR in Joure where they had been laying around for a year.
Jan Simon is a great guy and he loves Flat-tracking.
It seems that the flat track activity in Lelystad is growing so I will check it out coming year.
I put the wheels together, with new bearings and after truing I am now waiting for the tyres.
Lots of small jobs, like the carb, exhaust and frame are coming along nicely.
So ……..stay tuned for more pics.