So I when I started this project I was stil in the other building.
All the parts were put in boxes, then stored and then brought over to the new workshop.
I was certain I had already bought new steering stem bearings, but I could not find them in the box, where I thought I put them!
So after hours of going through all the boxes in the attic, I finally found them.
First I tapped out the old outer bearing rings then I fitted the new ones.
The tricky part was fitting the new lower stem bearing because it’s a tight fit and easily damaged. I had to source a piece of pipe that fitted over the stem, exactly on the face of the inner bearing ring and tap it down on top of the seal underneath.
It all worked out fine.
Fitting the front fork was easy.
Then the next challenge appeared: where are all the bolts for fitting the engine?
I suddenly remembered that I was in the proces of getting new ones when I decided to build a new workshop!
So I’ve just now ordered the new bolts and fitted the engine in the frame with a couple of old bolts.
So Here we are: