Man, I was shocked to see, that I hadn’t posted anything since July.

I have been extremely busy at work and all my spare time seems to evaporate. I’ m sorry to say that since the accident, my right arm won’t be getting better so that’s something I will have to learn to live with.

I’ve also got a new dog…..her name is Pippa

When I got her
She’s growing fast!

I have been busy on many things, mostly electrification and Hydrogen. This year 30.000 Tesla Model 3 ‘s were sold here in the Netherlands, so I’m very interested how fast the electrification of our mobility will proceed the coming years. I picked up 3 Tesla’s with a friend last week, and if you’ve driven one, you will know what I’m saying that this is the future.

Anyway I’ve got a couple of days now before the school starts again so. its time to clean up the workshop and finish the Honda.