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To Build a Bike or.....


All the ins and outs that go into building my bikes.
Tips tricks and challenges I face.

027 Build is on!

Motorcycles Posted on Tue, April 17, 2018 19:13:10

Well things are taking off now!
The concrete’s been poured and is now hardening out.
Construction will begin 1st week of May.
Pic’s of the last period:

026 My dog died

Motorcycles Posted on Sat, January 13, 2018 22:04:42


softly sweet buddy

Almost 12 years you were always there

Days of pain for you to spare

Medication in vain

Makes me sole to remain

Emptiness of my heart deep within

Nevermore touching furry skin

That last look in your eyes

triggers my despair

This really is the very last time

For us to mutually share

025 THAT’S IT (for now)

Motorcycles Posted on Mon, November 27, 2017 20:48:21

Well, I ve been busy this year trying to sell my workshop and now It’s finally happened!
I’ve sold the premisses!
Now I can build myself a new garage behind my current house.
The benefits are evident: no more traveling (9km. one way)
No more extra costs (taxes, service costs etc.)
But now I have to clear out and build my new garage.
So no more posts for the coming months.
I guess my building will pick up around april.
here’s an impression what it will be

024 slow progress

Motorcycles Posted on Sat, November 18, 2017 20:05:13

Well Since the alloy rear wheel of project #1 was replaced by a spoke version, the rear disk had to be altered . I decided to drill the stock heavy disk rotor .
Just because it looks better. I weighed the rotor first (2090 gr.) after drilling it weighed 1980 gr.
So the weight loss is marginal.
I think it looks the part!

Project #3 now has tyres and testfitting the frontwheel is now a fact.
I will modify the front-fork brace which accommodates the front fender since the fender will be lowered.
I also started a mock-up of the rear luggage rack which wil be all alloy and then powder coated.

023 A Lucky guy

Motorcycles Posted on Wed, November 08, 2017 20:18:54

So I had some spare time this week at school which enabled me to dril the rear disk rotor of project#1.
I mounted the rotor on a 360 degree rotating clamp mounted on a large milling machine with a 3-axis digital readout. which made pre-drilling the holes a cinch!
Looking at al the equipment I have at my disposal for free I thought by myself: I am a lucky guy!

022 I’m Back!

Motorcycles Posted on Sun, November 05, 2017 22:28:51

Well it’s been a year now since my last post which has everything to do with my limited time and the purchase of cars ( my other hobby) and an enormous amount of work on my daytime job. I wanted to take it easy a little bit , but that’s not working out.
I love my current work however so it’s a question of making priorities and that hasn’t been working on motorcycles.
With the end of the year approaching , I have some spare time and so…….I’m back!
I picked up my rims spokes and wheels for the projects at JSR in Joure where they had been laying around for a year.
Jan Simon is a great guy and he loves Flat-tracking.
It seems that the flat track activity in Lelystad is growing so I will check it out coming year.
I put the wheels together, with new bearings and after truing I am now waiting for the tyres.
Lots of small jobs, like the carb, exhaust and frame are coming along nicely.
So ……..stay tuned for more pics.

021 Seat’s on…..What’s next?

Motorcycles Posted on Wed, November 09, 2016 21:46:23

well, the seat’s on, it still needs mounting points but I need to fit the exhaust and rear electrics first.
I managed to buy a header from an XR-600 to get a 2-1 exhaust pipe.
It doesn’t fit because the bend of left header exhaust is too narrow, it hits the front frame tube.
So I have to mod the original one.
The rings that fit into the head are really badly corroded so I wil have to turn new ones and weld these on.
Furthermore I will use the Y-piece from the XR-600 to mod the original pipes.

Once this is done, I wil remove the engine and finish the frame.

020 Making the seat pan

Motorcycles Posted on Sun, November 06, 2016 21:50:05

Lots of builders use a metal plate as a base for the seat.
Easy to cut and shape, tough but not so easy as a base for upholstery.
I wanted a material that was staple able with a tacker.
I was given a tip that led me to a company that’s in the advertising business.
they make all sorts of signs and one of the materials they use is a soft 10mm. thick thermoplast. This material is easy to cut, bend(after heating it with an electric paint strip gun) and most important, you can directly tack cloth or leather onto it.
so I bought a piece big enough for 2 seats and started shaping and bending.
This material is a hoot to work with and within an hour my seat pan was ready.

So with the seat pan ready, I contacted Ronald to ask him if he would like to make a seat for me.

He did…….so I brought my stuff and after he asked me how I would like the seat to look, he went to work on it.
Foaming and cutting it first:

After that, the cutting and sowing led to the final result:

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