Now that most of the work is done on the bike, it’s down to the fiddly stuff.

I really wanted an oil temp meter on the bike.Since this is an early version of the NX650, it has a different thread size. So I purchased the cheapest one I could find and turned the threaded part down on my lathe to a size of 20,00mm. then I took a piece of round billet 30mm. aluminium and cut a thread on it with the size M30 x 2mm. the fitting hole was cut to 19.98mm. and so it was 0.02mm. smaller in size.

I then heated the ring with a blow torch and shrink fitted the threaded ring with ease!

I am very pleased with the result:

Up next is a a small lightweight luggage carrier that can be removed easily! The mockup and fittings are ready. Stil needs final welding and powder coating, but I’m out of tungsten for my TIG welder so I’ll have to order some!