I’m starting this blog as a form of relaxation, writing things off myself is good for the mind.
Who am I ?……Well I’m Richard , at time of writing this, 53 years old , I teach motor vehicle technology and I live in the Netherlands.
I was diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago, and that has quite dramatically changed my life.
Especially my vision towards society and my place in it have been thoroughly revised.
Luckily I have been declared cured by the Doctors 2 years ago and so a new chapter of my life begins.
So in pursuit of my own happiness, I have decided to pick up an old passion of mine which is: Motorcycles.
Since teaching students takes quite a toll on me and the government here has raised the pension age to 67, I have decided to very slowly start building a business of my own in my spare time and gradually build it up to a point in which I will be able to combine both my teaching and building Bikes in harmony.