When I was around 45 I cme to a crossing point in my carreer.
You can say I had it all: a wife, a kid, a Nice home, an SUV, a sportscar, A powerboat, but I can truly say I worked harder than all of my colleagues and didn’t mind to do so.
So next to my work I did all kinds of extra work.
Education had been having cutbacks in a way that teaching was getting harder and harder, due to no means. The money just wasn’t there to buy new models, materials and inventory.
Management was increasing and the money was flowing there instead of where it needed to be, which was in the classroom.
So when I was given the chance I took the opportunity to make a career switch, which turned out quite dramatic.
Having just started at my new employment, I was confronted by problems that had been kept from me and they were stacking up to more and more each week.
In the end, the stress and the hours of work took a toll on me.
I woke up one morning with a lump in my neck and was diagnosed with cancer, suddenly I was in a whole new ball game.
My employer wanted to get rid of me because I was sick.
Surgery and radiation therapy took away my energy.
And so I was extremely unhappy.
Anyway time passes and solutions tend to appear spontaniously.
So eventually I made my way back into the working process, being extremely disappointed by a large number of people. You really learn to know who your friends are and they were the best!
And now for something completely different: MOTORCYCLES !

Being back in education led me to new insights and one of them is : LIFE IS TOO SHORT, ENJOY EVERY DAY !

So I decided to go and do something else alongside my job (bills have to be payed).

It all started when I saw this picture: