And so with that image of this Street tracker made by Mule I was totally smitten.
The stance, the looks, It was in my opnion the way a motorcycle should be and so I was drawn into a new segment of bikes for me: The cafe racers.
I was surprised by the enormous amount of bike builds and so there should be a market for them. But cafe racers are not the thing for me in the way you sit on them, leaning forward or leaning backwards (choppers) are not really my favorite riding position so I only focus on building Trackers or Scramblers. (Scramtrackers)
But then multiple questions arise like:”how would I build a bike?, How should it look?, should it have a signature?, what segment of the market should I build it for?” and so on.
Like questions , insights evolve and so I have quite a clear view in the direction I’m taking.

My bikes wil have mono rear suspension, multiple exhausts and wire spoke wheels or other really light wheels.
And with that in mind I have started upon my first project which is a learning curve for me as wel.

I was fortunate enough to have had a very good education so skills like welding(all sorts), milling and turning on a Lathe were allready mine.
The real challenge lies in new techniques I all want to do in house like powder coating, pipe bending and designing new solutions for problems I encounter.
These all take so much time that my first project is evolving very slowly.
Meanwhile I always keep an eye open for buying opportunities and so there are 6 projects now, on which to think and work on.
My goal is to public as soon as I have finished three bikes which will all have the same theme.
I will never build a same bike twice so every bike will be Unique.