When I bought the bike, it ran, but it didn’t run as good as one would expect from an engine that’s only done 20K.
These engines are known for their ridiculous reliability so I was not afraid that it would be something serious.
First up were the carburators.
I took al the hardware of, blasted it and powder coated it .
I decided to take 1 carb apart at the time.
The first carb was taken apart without any problem and I put al the parts in my ultrasonic cleaner. They came out great and so I went on to dismantle the other carb. where a nasty surprise was awaiting me. All went well until I wanted to take out the idle mixture screw.
I saw that the cap had already been taken off and the slot for the screwdriver had been badly damaged. So all my efforts to take out the screw were in vain.
Soaking it in penetrating oil for a couple of days was no improvement.
I then made the decision to drill small hole in it and use a lefthand thread device.
Drilling the hole worked out fine but when I tried to turn out the screw I heard a snapping sound and I wound up with a section broken out of the threaded part of the carb…..DAMN !
I also saw that there was no rubber seal around the remains of the screw so I had probably found the reason why the engine wasn’t running as it should.
The carb was now useless so I had to find another one.
Despite the wonders of sites as Ebay, it still took me a month to find one at a reasonable price.
then a week for it to arrive from Germany.
After cleaning and assembly of the carbs. I finally had the job done in only 6 weeks!smiley
In the meantime I had made an engine stand for mounting the engine when taking it apart.
With the engine on the stand, I removed the oil plug and drained the engine of it’s oil.
Next up was removing the oil filters.
I took out the filter, and saw that the mesh was torn and filled with tiny metal parts.
What was I up for next ?