I wasn’t taking any chances, with all that metal debris I had to take the engine apart.
So first I had to build a stand to put the engine on, so that taking the engine apart would be much easier.
I started by dismantling the cilinder head.
While I was doing this all sorts of questions entered my head:
1/ Should I retain the starter motor or make it a kickstart only?
2/ Should I fit a valve lifter?
3/ should I modify the engine? a/ Rephase ?
b/ Bigger bore?
c/ Alter the final drive gear?
d/ Larger valves?
e/ Other carbs?
f/ Fit an Hydraulic clutch?

I decided to make my judgement based upon the condition the engine was in once it was dismantled.
Another question was: What color scheme should I rebuild the engine?
Man……so many questions……what was I getting myself into?
It had to feel good when ready, so I was not to take my decisions lightly.

When I lifted the cilinderhead, I had my first pleasant surprise: the pistons, valves and cilinders looked beautiful , no signs of wear or bad combustion.
I dismantled the cam cover completely by removing the rocker shafts.
Bead blasted it and had to make my first final decision : the cilinder head would become