Here in the Netherlands we have a saying: wat goed is komt snel, roughly translated it means:
“if it’s any good , It’ll come fast”
And so it is with project #2.
I looked at a Picture of the original bike and sort of had an immediate vision of how it should be.
I always loved the look of the bike below the bottom of the tank line.
The exhaust in my opinion is one of nicest designs ever made.
So what I decided to do is modify the bike but leave the lower part as it was.
See my gallery for the pics.
Rolling the tubing for the right arc and finding the right tank were the biggest challenges.
The Silver and Black scheme was in my head from the beginning.
The Aprillia was assembled in Italy and the quality from a lot of parts and paint were poor, so where I could, I replaced them with better items like the crappy electric connectors are now Superseal items.
All the black on the bike is powder coat and the battery is now Lithium ion .
Front flashers are home made and the rear ones are modified Kellermans.
Alle the subframe tubing is crmo and all the turned parts are powder coated aluminium.
Electrics have been modified but all the original features have remained.
I personally am very happy with the result.
And so build#2 becomes the first one finished.