Lots of builders use a metal plate as a base for the seat.
Easy to cut and shape, tough but not so easy as a base for upholstery.
I wanted a material that was staple able with a tacker.
I was given a tip that led me to a company that’s in the advertising business.
they make all sorts of signs and one of the materials they use is a soft 10mm. thick thermoplast. This material is easy to cut, bend(after heating it with an electric paint strip gun) and most important, you can directly tack cloth or leather onto it.
so I bought a piece big enough for 2 seats and started shaping and bending.
This material is a hoot to work with and within an hour my seat pan was ready.

So with the seat pan ready, I contacted Ronald to ask him if he would like to make a seat for me.

He did…….so I brought my stuff and after he asked me how I would like the seat to look, he went to work on it.
Foaming and cutting it first:

After that, the cutting and sowing led to the final result: